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10/11/11  9:50 am
Commenter: Lana Schexnayder

Preserve religious freedom and protect children

The placement of children should not be some statewide social experiment.  Stable  heterosexual families have been shown in studies to be the healthiest place for children.

Faith-based agencies have a right, under federal and state law, to make decisions that are consistent with their religious beliefs, including their beliefs about marriage and family life.  This right must be respected and preserved.  Many birth parents hold these beliefs as well and have every right to work with agencies which share their beliefs and values. 

Faith-based agencies provide vital services to communities and families.  They must not be forced into some politically correct mold in the name of some false tolerance.  They must be allowed to continue the work they are doing without Big Brother intervention.

Please do not add sexual orientation or family status to the list of acts of discrimination.  Race, color, and national origin are not chosen attributes; however, sexual orientaion and family status are, except in the case of death of a spouse.

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