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10/11/11  9:39 am
Commenter: Timothy Duncan

The family is the foundation of any society.  In order for a family to be healthy the following is necessary:

Biologically:  Genetically humans, as well as animals and plants, were created male and female in order that they could reproduce and sustain their existence.

Physiologically:  A child needs the nurture and modeling of a mother/father relationship in order to mature physically, emotionally, and mentally, thus equipping them to be the most productive in continuing that society.

Sociologically: In order for a society to sustain itself it must maintain a 2.1 birthrate.  When a society shifts from the genetically given formation of a mother/father family relationship to alternative life styles, then that society will ultimately die.  A prime example from history is the Roman Empire.  Presently the European countries are moving in this direction. 

Thus, I am opposed to any legislation which would give preference to an alternative life style other than that of an effective mother/father relationship.  In addition, according to our constitution, a faith-based organization should not be required to practice or make decisions that are not consistent with their beliefs.  

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