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10/11/11  9:29 am
Commenter: David Abbott

Adoption of children to Homosexuals?

Are there not enough NON Faith based adoption agencies for homosexuals to adopt from??  Or are the children in the faith based community superior and more desirable than those non faith based children??  Maybe the proponents of this bill just do not like the fact that the faith based adoption agencies would just rather not place children in homosexual environments.    Do you suppose there may be non faith based agencies that will find reasons not to place a child into a radical religious environment??   Are all agencies discriminating against pedophiles, the homeless, and mentally disturbed??  I bet that the proponents of this bill would discriminate against a couple from the jungle tribes of Brazil or Africa from adopting because they think that would not be a suitable environment to place a child.  Discrimination for whatever reason is part of life and we as humans would not be on earth if our ancestors had not discriminated.  Politicians have to ask, is this bill for homosexuality, for the children or just against Christianity??  What is really being accomplished by this bill and what is the long term effects??

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