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10/11/11  8:55 am
Commenter: Jack Dunn, citizen in Lynchburg, VA

Preserve Religious Freedom

Please protect our religious freedom which our forefathers so painstakingly strived for.

Children being adopted into families deserve the best and most ideal circustances for their healthy upbringing. Even though our society suffers from divorce and families torn apart, it has always been the most ideal for children to be raised in a family with one Father and one Mother, This fact is so obvious, it dosen't even require justification. When we as a society have the ability to place children into families that will faciltate the child's best upbringing, we must seek for the most ideal circumstances. It is bad enough that our society has fallen to the level that believes a single parent is an acceptable alternative (to choose) for raising children, but to place the homosexual lifestyle even on that level is nothing short of negligence.

What I have said thus far is of course my view which is based on Biblical and traditional principles. But what seems even more preposterous is that we are even debating the subject of religious freedom in adoption. How dare our government interfere with the religious freedom of any faith-based adoption agency or even a biological mother in how they review and select adoptive parents based on their own religious convictions. If you are to allow adoption agencies to select homosexual parents as viable parents, so be it. But you are allowing those agencies to set their adoption practices based on their own religious allowances, because they certainly aren't in conjunction with most world religions, of which we proclaim to be a country with religious freedom. Even religious principles I vehemently disagree with, I (or our government) cannot prevent those organization from functioning by (unless of course they would put the child in obvious danger).

Our government also has no right to interfere with the religious convictions of faith-based adoption organizations or biological mothers as to how they place children into adoptive families.

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