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10/11/11  8:04 am
Commenter: a Mother of 2


I support the proposed adoption regulations protecting potential parents from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, religious or political affiliation, race, color, or national origin.  

I am a nurse who works every day to bring new life into this world.  I see new families created all the time.  It is the most special thing anyone can witness.  It is the  miracle of life.  With that being said,  I also see babies being brought into the world by people who are not fit to be parents, or choose that they cannot provide for the child as the child deserves.  Every child is born of innocence.  They aren't asked to be brought into the world.  Someone else has made that decision for them.  Children of this unfortunate circumstance have every right to be adopted into a loving, caring, nurturing environment and family.  

Discriminating against those who can provide a nurturing environment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, race, etc. is a sin.  A family should not be judged on that.

Gay women have the option of going to a physican and having in vitro fertilization to become pregnant and start a family.  I have seen several gay women come thorough my organization to give birth and start their miraculous family.  There are no laws prohibiting that from happening.  So on that note, why is it okay to discriminate against gay men from becoming dads by means of adoption?  Men don't have the option of having IVF performed to become parents so they must choose adoption or surrogacy, which is not an easy route.  When there are children in the system hoping for a loving home, they should be given a family that can and want to love them unconditionally no matter what the couple is made of, black, white, gay, straight, Muslim, you name it, IT DOESNT MATTER! What matters is that the family is fit to provide the best possible environment and life for this child.







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