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10/11/11  1:08 am
Commenter: Joanne Nelson, adoptive parent

Faith-Based Adoption Agencies

We adopted our 2 daughters and 1 son from foster care--broken children from broken homes.  Some other commenters have written that any loving person should be qualified to adopt a child.  I disagree. Just like a marriage takes more than love, so does parenting.  I'm glad that the adoption agency we worked with studied us for months and forced us to look intently at ourselves. Could we put the needs of a child above our own? 

Adoption agencies have the tremendous responsibility of finding the best homes for needy children.  No social worker can do her job in good conscience if she believes she has improperly placed a child with a family that does not share her core values.  She, and the agency she represents, will not last long when forced repeatedly to arrange placements that she believes are not in the best interest of the child.  Any parent knows the stress of finding a trustworthy babysitter for even a few hours of childcare; imagine how a social worker must feel when considering candidates for the care of a child not just for a few hours, but for a lifetime.  Please let our faith-based adoption agencies continue to work with like-minded parents and not violate their consciences by requiring them to place children in GLBT situations.  Children need a male dad and a female mom--just ask our kids.



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