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10/10/11  1:32 pm
Commenter: A.Gaines

Let's Remember - This is Government, Not Church

Let's keep it simple - homosexuals are no different than heterosexuals.  Sexuality does not dictate your capacity to be a great parent to a child in need.  What does dictate capacity?  ABILITY.  If people want to adopt children and prove themselves capable to do so (through state vetting, which is not an easy process!), why should their sexuality trumph their ability to have one less child spend another night without a loving family?

Unlike straight people, who can have children in any situation (low income, single mother, young mother, etc.), gay people (men mostly - females can become pregnant via donor) cannot freely have children, which makes the want to take extra good care of a child even stronger. 

It's the American way for us to idolize perfection - nothing wrong with this, we should all shoot for absolute perfection.  Perfect family, 2.5 kids, picket fences, 9-5 job, 2 cars and a wife that can stay a homemaker.  Well, reality check - this rarely happens, except maybe on television.  This is real life, and children are playing second fiddle to the politics of the issue.  Regarding homosexual rights, I think a good question for those who don't want gays to marry, adopt, etc. is what exactly do you want gays to do?  We are all Americans, and Virginians, meaning we are neighbors. 

Love thy neighbor does not come with a disclaimer.  There is no reason that gay people should be continually treated this way in this country of all places, especially by the government.

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