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10/10/11  1:22 pm
Commenter: Jackie Newton, Charlottesville, VA

Any way you look at it, discrimination is WRONG!

I wished that faith based agencies thought about this for two seconds:  God is within EACH of us.  Countless reglious texts tell us this, countless prophets and saviors from EVERY religion have tried to tell us this, yet people of faith STILL try to defend their narrow beliefs by hiding behind these same documents and picking and choosing passages with which to defend their outdated beliefs.  I think if folks stopped to think that anything they do to someone else, they also do to GOD, we might see less discussions like this.  Think about it ... really think about it... What we do to others we do to God.  

I know many, many same-sex couples who would be exceptional parents - would provide a stable, loving home, and a nuturing, structured environment.  I also know plenty of heterosexual couples who are NOT great parent material, yet, they retain their "God-given" right to procreate, and provide a less than stellar home environment.  It is time to STOP allowing ANY groups the right to discriminate for ANY reason!  Pick the best environment for the child and place the child accordingly.

Virginia, it is 2011 for Pete's sake ... why are we even having this debate?

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