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10/6/11  9:49 pm
Commenter: Reverend Elisheva Clegg

Adoption by LGBT couples

I would like to know what kind of research - not Bible-based interpretation - but ACTUAL research that this govenor and Attorney General completed or used as justification to allow them to reject or deny LGBT couples to adopt children.

As an ordained minister, myself, and as a Pastoral Counselor, M.A., and being 67 years old and having dealt with human problems in this world for a long time, I can absolutely state that a child adopted by a loving LGBT couple is 100 times better off than growning up in the best government sponsored institutions.

The incredible and almost criminal behavior towards ophans to which this new law brings is nothing but a political rape on orphans. I hope that the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia can put there political differences aside and realize that a children of the orphanage do not need political orientation in which to grow up. What they need is a loving home.

And those who scream the most against LGBT couples adopting children as the least who are adopting children themselves. So, my point is if you don't like it - then do something about it and adopt all these children in need and stop the rhetoric and hiding behind the BIblical-interpretation.


Reverend Clegg

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