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10/6/11  9:07 pm
Commenter: Eric Leeder

adoption policy

I recently heard that the Board of Social Services has kowtowed to politics may in the future be allowing discrimination against gay and lesbian couples who want to adopt.  Are you kidding me?  Its somehow better to have 1,000+ children in foster homes, living in limbo?  If anyone thinks that a gay couple would somehow want to "program" their adopted child to be gay like them, they are clearly ignorant and hateful. Considering all of the crap that homosexuals have had to put up with growing up, why would they want to have their children be subjected to the same thing?  On top of that, I find it pretty ironic that some within society, those who want to force homosexual children who were born that way to be heterosexual, are worried about homosexuals forcing heterosexual children to be gay!!

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