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10/6/11  5:16 pm
Commenter: Margarethe Unger

Adoption Legislation

To whom it may concern, 

My name is Margarethe Unger. I am seventeen years old. I recently returned from a service trip to Middle Egypt. The organization I worked with focused on providing rural literacy programs to the children of widows along the Nile. These children are considered orphans in their country because they have lost their fathers. However, we also served some children who had lost both parents. When I enquired into the fates of the latter set of children, I discovered a chilling reality: adoption is not an option for these children.

Egypt is a predominantly Muslim nation and adoption laws reflect this clearly. Since the state believes that all children need to be raised by and with a certain religion, adoption is forbidden. How could the state trust a Hindu or an Atheist to raise a child with the same reverence for God as a Muslim or Coptic Christian? Needless to say, this policy is incredibly religiously biased as well as severely unhelpful. Instead of being willing to embrace diversity, Egypt turns its back on the possibility of a welcoming home for countless children.

Now, it seems that Virginia wishes to do the same. Could someone please explain to me, just what would limit a loving, committed homosexual couple from opening their home to a child in need? And why should disability or gender interfere with the creation of a loving home? I see no reason, if we truly are a nation built upon the ideal of separation of church and state, that my fellow Virginians would want to impose such a religiously-motivated restriction as this. Please explain why another person's religion should constrict a parent's choice to adopt a child. My friends, Muslims and Christians, in Egypt need answers as well. 


Margarethe Unger 

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