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10/6/11  4:19 pm
Commenter: Elizabeth Benton

Board of Social Services Anti-Discrimination Provision

To whom it may concern,

With over 1,000 children in Virginia foster homes waiting to be adopted into a loving family, discriminating against prospective adoptive parents based on gender, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, or family status doesn't do anyone a service, let alone the children themselves. 

I am a voter living in Virginia, and I know that putting the well being of these children first is the most important thing, but apparently some people do not agree. Turning potential parents away who are willing and able to care for a child, for reasons completely unrelated to the ability to parent well, is ridiculous. 

Even if there is a private angency acting in stead of the state, as representatives of the state they should be acting with the same non-discrimination as the state. Politics should not determine whether a child should be bounced around in the system forever or become part of a permanent, loving family. 

Fix it.


Elizabeth Benton

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