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10/5/11  12:23 am
Commenter: Michelle Fatta

Forcing people to do something that is wrong is... WRONG!!

Forcing an adoption agency to allow children to be adopted by same sex partners is .

Christian adoption agencies have every right to uphold certain standards when it comes to helping children find a home and a family.  If Christian agencies don't have the freedom to screen potential adoptees then it defeats the whole purpose of having a Christian adoption agency.  The whole reason we have adoption agencies is to find homes for children.  Why would you tell an adoption agency to go against their moral principles especially when it defies their biblical beliefs?  A Christian Adoption Agency has every right in America to stand by Biblical beliefs and principles.  NO ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE THAT RIGHT AWAY!!!! Especially the ACLU!!!  When are you going to stop bending the knee to ACLU?  Why not uphold the rights of Christian agencies and ministries who for years have helped millions of children all over the world,  By forcing Christian agencies to allow same sex couples to adopt children not only breaks their moral obligation -- this forces them to compromise.  You are forcing a Christian to compromise morally.  You are asking a Christian to break a law! It is like telling your son to lie! Forcing a person to do something that goes against their personal and moral belief and or principle is wrong.  Shame on you.  You are punishing people who want to do the right thing.  You are forcing someone to go against their belief.  Do you understand that?  I hope that you will seriously consider what I just said.  How would you like it if somebody forced you to do something that you knew was wrong?  




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