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9/25/11  11:22 pm
Commenter: Shandra Beavers, waiting adoptive parent

Choice in adoption benefits birthfamiles as well as adoptive parents.

I fully support the current policy which respects the rights of faith-based organizations to screen potential adoptive families according to their beliefs.  Birthfamilies and Adoptive families have a choice when they work with an agency, and if they want to choose one that reflects their personal beliefs, that should be their choice.  To remove that choice would be a disservice to both groups. 

I am personally working with a faith-based adoption agency which receives no government funds, it is privately funded by waiting families and charitable donations.  There is no reason why a private organization should be forced to comply with regulations that go against their beliefs. 

It is my understanding that in states where this type of language has been adopted, the number of adoptions has gone down, not up.  If we are truly putting children first, this is not a desireable outcome.

I urge you to retain the current policy.


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