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9/24/11  1:40 pm
Commenter: Helen M., Attorney

Children as pawns in the LGBT adoption war


As this issue rises again in the freedom- loving Commonwealth of Virignia, one is struck by the intolerance of  LGBT position.  Why not show a little tolerance?  Accept that some organizations dedicated to placing children for adoption have faith-based criteris that is at odds with one's own and move on to another agency or organization that is tolerant of one's own position?  Why not respect the freedom of another's position to place children in a home ideally with a family that the parent of the child chooses.  It seems that the radical intolerance of the LGBT position knows no bounds.  No one has a right to adopt.  Thousands of couples wait years to adopt.  There are going to be rules and many people don't like the fact that they were not given a child.  Doe everyone have a legal course of action written into the law if they don't get their way, in this case, a CHILD?  Is that putting chidren first?  Is that tolerating the values of another?  Sadly many couples seeking to adopt through faith-based agencies are not able to have biological children through no choice of their own.  LGBT couples have chosen their course and if they want tolerance for their extreme position, perhaps they could  show a little tolerance for a regulation that is not discriminatory in the first place towards them, but designed with the best interests of children. The Commonwealth should do its duty and uphold the regulation as passed, which does not deny the rights and freedoms of the agencies and the parents placing a child.

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