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Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
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9/23/11  7:28 pm
Commenter: Brian

Families are those with the heart to give!

As a college student who sees people of different genders, ethnicities and walks of life come together working towards their future through their education; this policy is descipacable, I thought that discriminatory actions within our government were a thing of Little Rock, Arkansas & the Jackson 5, unfortunately, I see that I'm mistaken.

Truthfully, discrimination is a constant part of our world; why do you insist upon stretching the inequalities set before us; the unnecessary challenges that such bigot actions beget, people are worth fighting for, those with the biggest hearts cannot be silenced, to even try is to trample upon their very freedom & the challenges & experiences that they've faced that will allow them to cultivate individuals for whom our future depends on. 

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