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9/23/11  12:07 pm
Commenter: Colin Davis

Preserve Religious Freedom

It is my deeply held conviction that a child has great need of a mother and a father, and that any other combination of parents, or lack thereof, seriously impedes a child's right to the best possible conditions for true liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Many Americans, regardless of their Religion, hold the same conviction. It is plain, in fact, that the vast majority of Americans hold this same view.

However, there are also many Americans who hold an opposite conviction, that the number and gender of the parents has no bearing on the psychological health and overall happiness of the child, and that the only statistic of importance is the economic level of a household.

If law is reduced to the majority opinion, then Faith-based adoption agencies should be allowed to operate according to the conviction that they can only rightfully give children to families where they will most likely flourish - families with a father and a mother.

If law is used to seek to enact whatever new movement claims a new enlightenment, then the more progressive opinion should be enshrined, religious conviction should be quelched, and the government should enact laws to regulate the exercise thereof, denying society the benefits afforded by the tremendous contribution made by Faith-based agencies.

If the clear rights of individuals to exercise religion, and the clear rights of children to the pursuit of happiness run up against the supposed right to exercise sexuality in any way whatsoever, and to become a parent regardless of behavior, then this intersection of rights will have to be carefully judged, and law-makers will have to carefully measure their law-making actions.

No person should be treated in an unjust way because of his or her feelings, inclinations, and involuntary orientation. Every person should be treated with justice (and love), but the good of the child and the free exercise of relgion are at stake before unsubstantiated and unprecedented claims that same-sex parenting has no bearing on the psychological happiness of a child.

As a final note, it is very important that it be stated that reason, not religion, tells us that there is something fundamentally wrong with individuals pairing with each other in intercourse that is clearly biologically incompatible for the transmission of life and then demanding to have the children produced by others in biologically compatible intercourse.

It is in the hands of our lawmakers.

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