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9/23/11  10:44 am
Commenter: Suzanne Murray


Please support individuals for their religious beliefs so they are not forced to do something against the God whom they love and serve. Our constitution was founded on this.

Many birthparents who choose to give up their babies would like to have a choice to whom their babies go to so the same faith and traditions may be passed on. They gave up their babies out of love and care. This is a fact.

Many faith based communities are doing so much for society in helping people with their financial and physical needs. I can honestly say if they didn't help as much as they are, our government would really be in sad shape. Our churches and faith communities have gone far and beyond to reach out to those in need. They must be allowed to continue this charitable work.

The rights of a christian citizen should  be respected in regard to the family and marriage no matter who you are: a doctor, nurse, mom, christian leader, or child. Our country is not to be governed by a dictator since it is a Democratic government. We should not be forced to go against our religious beliefs!

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