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9/23/11  10:23 am
Commenter: Ray Hopkins

What is really going on here?

Catholic Charities website states the cost of adopting through them will cost the adoptive parents $20,500 excluding the child's medical and legal fees.  The cost of adopting directly through a local governement social services agency is free with the prospective parents only paying legal fees of approximately $1,500 (which is usually reimbursed by the State), medical is covered by medicaid.  This is a business for many faith-based agencies, not a service, they are profiting from it.  If it was a service, the Church would be footing the bill and not profiting.  It is disturbing that a business hides behind religion in screaming "religious freedom."  It is all a sham, then for some to claim there is a homosexual agenda, well that is even more insulting.  It is clear to see who has the agenda here. 

Preserve all taxpayer freedoms and include strong non-disriminatory language that protects all walks of life.  Do not fold to one sector of our society. 

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