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9/22/11  3:56 pm
Commenter: Lisa - Human Rights Advocate and RN - Strasburg, VA

Discrimination with Virginia Adoption process is against "the right to a loving home"

If you stop and think about the various elimination critera given to adoptive children and prospective parents and compare them to your own family...would they pass? I know mine wouldn't but then again I didn't have the misfortune of being in "the system" and needing to find a family.

Every child needs a loving home. It is a known fact that children "thrive" do much better surrounded by love. Why limit the possibilities (And I thought only God/Greater Power was the only One to make these  judgements)  for the children or prospective adoptive parents by things like; religion, political, race or ethnic backgroud, sexual orientation (Except Pediphiles of course) , etc....  There are so many children needing homes and prospective adoptive parents with empty arms but big heart with loads of love to give. Why do people have to go overseas to adpot when we have plenty of children right here, just waiting for the love and care they so need and desire.

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