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9/22/11  1:16 pm
Commenter: Kenneth Johnson

New Regulations for private adaption agencies

What a shame that the so called "faith Based Groups" can ignore the Constitution and attempt to deny little babies the right to a good home.  Why? Simply because of thier religious beliefs.  It is the law that people cannot force thier particular beliefs on another and so doing deny them thier constitutional rights. 

The attemped influence of these self proclamed "religious" on your regulations are no justification to codify thier discrimination.  Even tho these children are to small to protect themselves from religious discrimination, it should not be a excuse to abuse them. 

"Child Abuse"  What else can you call denying little children the right to have a good home, education, and the love of a family?  There is no evidence that the current pratices of private adaption agencies causes any harm to the children. NONE!  This is all about the selfish wants and whims of the "religious".

I urge you to allow the private adaption agencies to continue to transfer children to loving homes without discrinination.  Any Agencies that act in any way either for the Commonwealth , or with its license should not be permitted to discriminate the same as any government agency.

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