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9/19/11  7:31 pm
Commenter: Mona Openbrier

Consider the Children


The family was designed from the very beginning by God.  Man and woman were created for one another and out of that love through Him, comes the union of man and woman to bring the gifts of life, called children.  No sexual union between man and man or woman and woman can create life.  God himself designed the family unit from the beginning.  Being gay is a choice.  God made no mistake in creating the sex of our being.  We should love all people and show respect for everyone, it is what He would want us to do.   Placing children with gay parents should not be.  A man and woman are created different in many ways that help strengthen the family ... a woman's gentle touch, a man's strength.  Children need balance.  There is enough pressure facing children today, let alone setting them up to be taunted, bullied, or left to feel painfully indifferent through gay parents.  God gave this country Freedom, but that freedom has been greatly abused.   Let's consider the children and spare them from painful ridicule.  If gay parents want children, choose to have a relationship with the proper sex to have them, otherwise remain childless and give straight couples who are trying desperately to have children but can't the opportunity to give a child a balanced life.  A family the way God meant it to be. 

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