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9/19/11  7:31 pm
Commenter: Danny Blalock

Religious Freedom with Adoptions

 I apologize for the 1st two postings with no comment. I do not understand how our country has come to the place where a simple whisper of lawsuit frightens state and federal governments into a frenzy. Even to the point of the ridiculous request of such small minorities.    Faith-based child placement agencies have a right, under the law to make decisions that are in tune with their religious beliefs. And that beleif includs their convictions about marriage and family life. Indeed, many secular agencies are already allowing such adoptions. So the only reason I can see for the ACLU to be in involved with the Gay community in this lawsuit, is that the goal is to, once again, try to bring down Christian based organizations. If you don't agree with them, then their objective is to force you to comply or shut you down. Tyranny is in this, and tyranny has always been the enemy of America.

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