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9/19/11  4:51 pm
Commenter: Tim Rowley

Preserve religious freedom

To whom it may concern,

I am an American, middle school teacher, parent, and, above all, a follower of Jesus Christ.  I am proud of each of these identities!  As an American, I live unapologetically in the finest country this planet has to offer.  I have grown up in a country that allowed me to choose to become educated, or stay in ignorance.  After years of perseverance I achieved a bachelor’s degree in the science of Math with an educational emphasis.  This allowed me to obtain a job teaching at a small private school in Virginia (3000 miles away from where I started).  During this time I have also been married and have fathered two children, a boy and a girl.  As I was raised to follow Christ, I continue to serve Him, and raise my children with the same beliefs.  I do so without fear of government involvement or direction; why?  Because I live in a free country!  This is the land of "Liberty," where "freedom" reigns from coast-to-coast.  While I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, I do believe that a person has the right, in this amazing country, to choose how they will live.  But, choices have consequences (good and bad).  In this case, private organizations have chosen, WITHOUT government assistance, to provide a "faith-based" service to individuals of like ideals/morals.  It is their right to do so.  This right is protected under federal AND state law.  To ignore this and force private agencies to adopt to people that do not meet their "faith-based" standards, would go against EVERYTHING this country was built upon.  Make no mistake, the driving force that brought about this nation was that of religious and personal freedom.  If you do not like what my faith is about, then do not attend my church.  If you do not like what my business stipulations are... then boycott my business.  But, how dare a state or federal government tell a business to go against their ideals!  That is the very opposite of "separation of church and state,"  (which is not a part of our constitution anyway).  In the same way people do not want (nor should it be) Christianity force fed to them, do not force feed me another's lifestyle.


God bless,

Tim Rowley

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