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9/19/11  1:02 pm
Commenter: Rob Simson

This is not just about religious freedom

I would suggest the state find a middle ground.  Include language that allows faith-based organizations to practice "religious freedom" by exempting them from the anti-discriminatory language but enforce if for all others.  Otherwise if it is an all or nothing scenario it opens up ANY ogranization to discriminate including local social services/human services that are run by the Government.  That way people can truely go to the Agency that will best be serve them and in cases of those worried about being discriminated can avoid the faith-based ones.  Working in the field I can tell you most parents that give up their children do not care about the family make up and most kids waiting could care less either.  But give religious organizations the opportunity and then sit back and see just how many come to them versus those more tolerant.  They may find themselves scaling services back . 

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