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9/19/11  10:53 am
Commenter: Deborah Maguire

religious freedom!?!?!

I think we can all agree that JESUS would never be so mean and uncaring to His people.  This isnt about religious freedom when its interpretation of the old testament that no longer has a place in society.  Jesus came and told us different - he told us to love everyone, dont judge others. 

Have you ever wondered  - if this is all a test?   Jesus is testing whether you can love all people, as He did, without judgement, without question.  

Stop using religion and Jesus to cover up your ignorance and hate.   This isnt about Jesus, the Bible, protecting your religious freedoms - its about children who need a loving and caring home, who need safety and permanency - and allowing PEOPLE willing to do the job, to do it! 


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