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9/19/11  10:31 am
Commenter: Deborah Maguire

I support EQUAL rights for all parents

It shouldnt matter what race you are, what gender you are, whether you are single or married, or whether you are in a relationship with the same sex or the opposite sex............ if you are a good parent, a stable and loving person and have gone through all the proper classes and security checks - you should be able to be a foster or adoptive parent, if thats what you choose to do.

Its appauling that someone would want to restrict certain people from helping, loving and caring for children who need a home and a family.   Keep your personal beliefs to yourself and think of the thousands of children who need homes, who need love, security and permanency.   

Unless you have true, unbaised evidence of the negative effect of same sex couples fostering or adopting - you have no case.  You have no right to restrict people from helping children.    Leave religion out of policy and lets do whats best for the kids!!   

Give everyone a chance to help - we need all the foster and adoptive parents we can get!  


D Maguire
SINGLE Foster and Adoptive Mother in Virginia


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