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9/16/11  4:51 pm
Commenter: Chris Norris

Please Prohibit Discrimanation

Please do not allow adoption agencies that accept state funding to discrimanate against homosexuals or any other minorty group. The fundemental basis that we govern by is that "all men are created equal." This is an ideal that is constantly tested. To allow one group or individual to discrimanate against another is an abject failure in human rights.

If homosexuality is so detrimental to families and society in Virginia then criminalize being homosexual. If it is criminal to be different then the issue would be settled. If it is not criminal to be different, if it is merely that one group's values differ from another, then neither should discrimanate against the other. Our Founders understood that miinorities should be protected from the "tyranny of the majority." Again, please do not allow discrimanation in Virginia.

Thank you.

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