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9/16/11  3:02 pm
Commenter: La Tasha Jones

Our son has two mothers...

I think what saddens me the most, is the fact that this has turned into a war between religious organizations and people who just want a chance to create stable, loving families.  What also saddens me is that I am a Christian who is lesbian and I do not want to choose.  My son was adopted by me as a single parent, however, I do have a partner who has been in his life since day one.  We are a couple with financial, emotional and spiritual stability.  That is what most agencies should look for in a family.  Not race, gender, marital status or sexuality.  It is okay right now to adopt as a single lesbian woman, so what is the difference if that single woman with a long-time partner.  I have worked in the daycare field for years and have witnessed young couples and singles on edge because they do not know how to cater to a child.  You mean to tell me it is better for a child to sit and wait for the right mom and dad as opposed to any family that is an appropriate match for them.  Sad world.  I have read a lot of the comments on here about religious freedom, what about our freedom.  It it okay to oppress another's beliefs because you want to uphold yours.  This is not about Christianity anymore.

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