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9/15/11  1:41 pm
Commenter: Marie Howell

No changes to Current Adoption regulations

The current proposed provisions for adopting children is going beyond the Constitutional rights guaranteed by law to faith based organizations who help with adoptions and the faith they represent.  Faith based organizaitons want the children that are adopted to be brought up in a good moral manner and to have the freedom of religion.

Faith based agencies have a right to maintain their beliefs, indluding their beliefs about marriage and family life.  This right must be preserved and respected.

Many birthparents and prospective adoptive parents hold these beliefs as well and they have every right to work with agencies that share their religious values.  This right must be preserved and protected.

Forcing agencies and individuals to choose between folowing their own values and faith or following the law would be an unprecedented violation of religious freedom in Virginia.  This is not an equal rights issue.  Rather, it is a Constitutional guarantee that the prospective parents and birthparents can hold and act within their religious beliefs.

Religious liberty is foundational to our Commonwealth and our country.  Faith based agencies provide vital services to our communities. They must, under the Constitution, be allowed to contiue the great work they are doing.

Issues such as this is a Constitutional matter and must be followed.  To do otherwise is a breach of Constitutional laws and rights which are beyond the purview of the Virginia Social Services office and beyond the purview of the State of VIrginia. 









































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