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9/15/11  12:58 pm
Commenter: Maria Gullickson

Support for protection against discriminatino in adoption
Currently, rules for adoption in Virginia protect against discrimination regardless of race, ethnicity and national origin.  I support reform of this anti-discrimination policy to also include protection for prospective adoptive parents regardless of sexual orientation, gender, religion, and political afilliation.  There are thousands of potentially wonderful parents who need this protection against discrimination.  Equally important, there are thousands of chidren in the foster care system in Virginia who need the opportunity to have loving and stable, forever homes.  Please reform the adoption rules in Virginia to increase these opportunities for thousands of parents and children!



There should be no discrmination against same sex couples in matters of adoption. The American Academy of Pediatrics has spoken on this subject countless times and agree that a healthy, stable environment is the most important factor in adoption. Children do not see it as odd if there are two mothers or two fathers in their homes. They only do so if they are taught to be discriminatory. Adoption has nothing to do with religion and that should never be a factor. There are many same sex couples who have the financial resources to raise a child because most are highly educated and financially stable with good jobs. To continue to discriminate against same sex couples is a crime in itself. People who think same sex couples aren't fit to adopt are sadly misinformed and ignorant.




I support the proposed adoption regulations protecting potential parents from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, disability, religious or political affiliation, race, color or national origin.

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