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9/15/11  10:24 am
Commenter: Jonnie Wright

Support Anti-Discrimination Policies

I believe children should be supported in loving stable homes. Sexual orientation should not be a deciding factor of whether a foster child goes to a family or not. It should be the status of the invidual/s trying to adopt and whether they are fit parents.

  1. The best interests of the child should be the sole factor in deciding whether a child should be placed with a prospective foster care or adoptive parent or parents
  2. State-licensed child placing agencies should not be allowed to discriminate against children or prospective parents based on race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability and family status
  3. The State Board of Social Services should restore to the final rules the protections against such discrimination included in the proposed rules.

As for Catholic or religious adoption agencies, they should be allowed to do as they wish UNLESS they are receiving monies from the state to provide for the foster children. At this point, they are using tax-payers' money to discriminate, and it isn't fair for the homosexual tax-paying citizen wishing to adopt.

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