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9/15/11  10:03 am
Commenter: Jane Mahone

Anti-descrimination policy for foster and adoptive families

I work daily with foster children and assist if finding them adoptive homes.  These decisions need to be made very carefully and individually.  Unfortunately, some licensed agencies would make them based upon their own personal values, and ignore the need of the children if allowed to do so.  We have even had gay/lesbian/transgender children who desparately need a home who accepts them and that is very hard to find.  It would be less difficult if we were able to have some homes that had gay/lesbian/or transgender parents.  I believe that some of the Christian agencies might well decide that only Christian homes are acceptable.  This could well not be the best match for a child who has grown up in another religion.  I hope that our state will protect these children and allow the Commonwealth to have even more good foster and adoptive homes than in the past by insisting on an anti-descrimination policy for all agencies state-wide.

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