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9/15/11  9:54 am
Commenter: Shawn Hankinson

stop the discrimination

ok, I understand people wanting to protect religious freedom.  But folks come on, you are adhering to a strictly christian belief or for those of you who are quoting old testament guidelines only hebrew.  By doing that alone you are refusing to allow adoptions to those who may be muslim, pagan, daoist, etc as well as those who are gay.  Your comments are those of the intolerant.  The point being made isn't about gay marriage, this is about the needs of the children.  ALL children should be entitled to a loving home whether it is heterosexual, gay, lesbian, transgendered, christian, muslim, whatever as long as they are given the love they need.  It is not the place of mankind to judge each other, that province lies with god and god alone.  Gay couples can and have raised healthy children to adults who I might add did not turn out to be gay themselves.  It is not a disease that is taught or is contagious.  Now if the state is paying for the care of these children whether through foster care or orphanages then there should be no discrimination in regards to adoption.  Religious freedom of the agency should not interfere with that.  If that is the case then they shouldn't working with the government and fund their own facilities.

It's sad that people are still so closed minded that they have to impose their beliefs as the only ones that are right.  We live in a country where EVERYONE is supposed to be equal and not discriminated against.  By holding to this the children are the ones who will suffer.

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