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9/14/11  7:02 pm
Commenter: Susan Gretz

Religious Freedom Matters

Dear  Virginians:

     Faith Based Organizations have a fundamental right to exist.  Some  parents who want to adopt choose to work with a religious organization because they share the same values.If a person does not agree with the organizational framework, then go somewhere else to get services.

     In a faith based organization the health and welfare of the child is put first.  In addition, the living environment is considered:  Is it safe?; Is the situation economically sound?;What type of care will the child receive?; Are there any activities within the household which are considered inappropriate.   While there may be debate as to what consitutes an appropriate placement,-- there shoud be no debate about the state's interference with religious freedom.  Passing new laws or amending older ones  that curtails a religious entity from existing and providing services is wrong. Especially, for a religious organization that has numerous years of providing services and  a proven track record of placements. 

                                                                    God Bless, 

                                                                     Susan Gretz


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