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9/13/11  8:30 pm
Commenter: Deb Green, Citizen

Children First
As guardians of our youth – it is time to end policies that promote fear, hate and down-right ignorant lies. Numerous credible, non-bias research studies have demonstrated that children raised by same-sex parents are just as healthy as their cohorts.
Our children deserve loving, compassionate and supportive families. All potential adoptive families are screened with multiple home visits, reference checks and FBI background checks. Adoptive parents go through so much to be able to share their love, life and souls with their adopted children. They endure the roller-coaster ride of emotions that the stark and raw suffering of loss evokes in their child. They parent through the pain and the joy. They cherish their child for the precious soul they are, helping to guide them to be themselves, whole.
The best interest of the child should be the sole factor in placement for adoption and not based on hateful, overt discrimination. Our citizens should be allowed to adopt or foster our youth based on their ability to parent and provide to the needs of the child.  
Deb Green
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