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9/13/11  7:17 pm
Commenter: Angel

Children First - Screening is necessary

Let's be honest, while discrimination is wrong, it's necessary to be in the best interests of the child.  Gay culture, gay men to be specific, encourages "getting them young" and if they are underage then they feel the laws don't apply to them.  Watch show such as Queer as Folk.  Gay men mimick these programs as if they are a bible to their culture.  Many child molesters are gay men.  While being a pedophile doesn't mean a man is gay, it does work in the reverse in that many gay men are pedophiles.  I'm not saying the majority or anything, but again a large subset of the gay male community follow those programs like a religion.  To be in the best interests of the children, gay men shouldn't be allowed to adopt.  It's too much of a risk.  We can't risk children just to be politically correct.

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