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9/13/11  1:10 pm
Commenter: Megan Northworthy

I support Anti-Discrimination Regulations As They Relate To Adoptions

I support the right of gay individuals and/or couple to adopt children in need of a family so long as the gay couple/individual is able to pass the same type of background check that "straight families" are required to pass.

It's amazing how many people out there are against gays having the right to adopt yet they ("straights") refuse to adopt needy children themselves.  They would rather see a child grow up with no family than to be adopted by a loving family or individual just because they happen to be gay.

If my research holds true, I can find hundreds of instances online where "straight" people have adopted children only to sexually abuse or kill them yet I can find no instances of "gays" following this same pattern.

Our son happens to be gay and he adopted a child in California 14 years ago and that child just finished college and is engaged to be married, are you ready for this, to a woman.  He grew up in a loving home to a single gay male and he graduated 3 in his high school class and in the top 5 percent of his graduating class at Berkley.

The State of Virginia needs to get off of it religious, do-gooder political high horse and allow HUMAN BEINGS to adopt children so long as the same rules that apply to straights are followed!

For those that are against gays adopting children, set an example and adopt a child yourself.  If enough of you would do this there would be no need for you to sit up late at night and worry about a child being adpted by a human being that happens to be gay,

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