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9/12/11  11:04 pm
Commenter: Lisa A. Rogers

Create families + end descrimination = community

I believe in a childs opportunity to have a loving and caring family.  I believe in a prospective parents opportunity to a adopt a loving and caring child.   

I support a ruling that state licensed child placement agencies shound not be allowed to descriminate against a child or prospective parent based on cultural/ethnic background, national origin, gender, age, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability or family status.   

To descriminate would be an inconsistance stance to the nature of community.  Children are the future of our communities.  Showing them they are loved and worthy of a place called home in our society will  build positive experiences that will transend antiquated minds sets. 

Many of these prospective parents are people we all already trust with great responsibility in our lives & communities on a daily basis...  people that work in the areas of health care, law enforcement, education, first responders, construction, transportation...  we already trust them with our own children.  Why do we not trust them to adopt a child who needs a home and love ?

Please support positive reform to protect against descrimination of all kinds in our communities.

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