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11/4/21  10:15 pm
Commenter: Anonymous, Private provider

DD Waivers, Chapter 6

Overall, I share the concerns of previous commenters regarding the supposed interchange of terminology (staff, provider etc.)  Others have done an excellent job in pointing out specific instances but before finalization the manual needs to be thoroughly reviewed for consistency  and accuracy.


page 9 - 

"The Personal Profile summarizes the individual’s vision of a good life, his/her talents and contributions, and “what’s working/what’s not working” in the following life areas:


 Community and interests


Work and alternates to work

Learning and other pursuits


Transportation and travel

Health and safety"

These are no longer currently included under the Personal Profile section in WaMS.  Clarification is needed to ensure these are addressed in WaMS to avoid PAs pending service authorizations.

Page 19 - regarding 'records"

"For a period not less than six years from the individual’s last date of service…Records of individuals receiving waiver services must be retained for six years from the date of service and not less than six years after the date of discharge."

Clarification/agreement is needed on how to apply "six years."  Can records (or parts of) be destroyed after six years?  i.e. any supporting documentation for a service rendered before 11/03/2015 can by destroyed.  Do ALL records need to be retained for at least six years after an individuals last day of service regardless of length of service?  i.e. if an individual was admitted on 1/01/2000 and discharged on 1/01/2021.  Does all documentation (that meets the parameters) have to be kept until 1/01/2027?  If that is the case that is a large administrative and physical burden on providers who have been active for decades.

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