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11/1/21  5:45 pm
Commenter: Cumberland Mountain CSB

RCSU/Assessment Requirements

Pg. 31 says an LMHP must conduct an assessment at the "start of services."  Pg. 32 says the psych eval must be "available at the time of admission" and that a nursing assessment is to occur "upon admission."  Pg. 33 states that "On the day of admission, at a minimum, RCSU providers must provide assessment, psychiatric evaluation and a nursing assessment."  Currently, in RCSU, the psych eval is to occur w/in 72 hours of admission.  So, are all three of these assessments due at the start of services, at the time of admission, or upon admission?  Is admission defined the moment the person enters the RCSU? Is the admission considered a process that occurs over a 24 hour period given the nature of the RCSU?  Individuals are admitted to RCSU 24/7.  Many are admitted during the late night, early morning hours, via TDO and following prolonged stays in emergency rooms, etc.  None of these required assessments are brief.  It seems that we are creating a situation that is not person-centered and further adds to individual's trauma by bombarding them with 3 assessments "at the time of admission."  Individuals who arrive to the RCSU under the influence of alcohol or drugs are often times incapable of walking in the door and completing this level of continuous assessment.  


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