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10/6/21  2:19 pm
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SC Roles

Over the past several years, we have had 5 to 6 different SC's.  Each time we have to get acquainted again with a new SC.  The beginning to the end, we must go over our case again.  I feel like we repeat ourself continuously.  In some cases, we (as the family) has to train the next SC on their roles and responsibilities which can be very frustrating at times.  Clearly the DOJ requirements are running SC's away and honestly I don't blame them.  As a family, we continuously have to answer questions repeatedly for one form or another and some forms each month.  I am not 100% convinced these requirements are benefitting my family member. 

I know we have choices with services, but there is not many options to choose from as many providers have closed down.  The caseloads are way to high and quite frankly it can be hard to get in contact with a SC quickly.  I can't imagine the paperwork they have to complete behind the scenes and yet - it doesn't benefit my family member.  DBHDS seems to have many many staff to critique and go over everything, but DBHDS can't help with the day to day needs.  Transportation is desperately needed and I would love to keep one SC for more than a few months.  This is not a "manual" issue but an overall system issue that needs to be pulled together and reviewed.  Truly, how many "Human Rights" forms does one need to sign?  If we sign a Choice of Provider form, it should stay in effect until we revoke or change providers.  Administratively if something is reduced, we might keep a SC.  Continuous changing of SC's really upsets my family member.  They don't take changes easily as others.    Please please think about these requirements.  If not, it's not even helpful to have a SC because they are truly not paying attention to the individual's needs.


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