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Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy
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19 Active Chapters and 4 Repealed
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity Date
4 VAC 25‑11   Public Participation Guidelines Periodic Review 4/14/2020
4 VAC 25‑20   Board of Coal Mining Examiners Certification Requirements Fast-Track Stage Published 9/4/2017
4 VAC 25‑31   Reclamation Regulations for Mineral Mining Fast-Track Stage Published 6/10/2019
4 VAC 25‑35   Certification Requirements for Mineral Miners Fast-Track Stage Published 9/4/2017
4 VAC 25‑40   Safety and Health Regulations for Mineral Mining Final Stage Published 10/12/2020
4 VAC 25‑60   Rules and Regulations Governing the Installation and Use of Automated Temporary Roof Support Systems Periodic Review 4/16/2020
4 VAC 25‑70   Rules and Regulations Governing Disruption of Communications in Mines Periodic Review 4/16/2020
4 VAC 25‑90   Rules and Regulations Governing the Use of Diesel Powered Equipment in Underground Coal Mines Periodic Review 4/16/2020
4 VAC 25‑101   Regulation Governing Vertical Ventilation Holes and Mining Near Gas and Oil Wells Periodic Review 4/23/2020
4 VAC 25‑110   Rules and Regulations Governing Blasting in Surface Mining Operations Periodic Review 4/23/2020
4 VAC 25‑120   Rules and Regulations Governing Installation and Use of Cabs and Canopies Periodic Review 4/23/2020
4 VAC 25‑125   Regulations Governing Coal Stockpiles and Bulk Storage and Handling Facilities Periodic Review 6/20/2018
4 VAC 25‑130   Coal Surface Mining Reclamation Regulations Periodic Review 2/25/2019
4 VAC 25‑140   Coal Surface Mining Regulations Final Stage Published 7/29/2013
4 VAC 25‑145   Regulations on the Eligibility of Certain Mining Operators to Perform Reclamation Projects Periodic Review 4/23/2020
4 VAC 25‑150   Gas and Oil Regulation Final Stage Published 11/28/2016
4 VAC 25‑160   Virginia Gas and Oil Board Regulations Fast-Track Stage Published 6/12/2017
4 VAC 25‑165   Regulations Governing the Use of Arbitration to Resolve Coalbed Methane Gas Ownership Disputes Periodic Review 6/20/2018
4 VAC 25‑170   Geothermal Energy Regulations Fast-Track Stage Published 6/12/2017