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Requirement for pharmacy to be operational within 90 days
Stage: Fast-Track

18VAC110-20-140. New pharmacies, acquisitions, and changes to existing pharmacies.

A. Any person wishing to open a new pharmacy, engage in the acquisition of an existing pharmacy, change the location of an existing pharmacy, move the location or make structural changes to an existing prescription department, or make changes to a previously approved security system shall file an application with the board.

B. In the acquisition of an existing pharmacy, if prescription records are to be accessible to anyone for purposes other than for continuity of pharmacy services at substantially the same level offered by the previous owner or for the necessary transfer of prescription records, the owner of the pharmacy acquiring the records shall disclose such information in writing to each patient 14 days prior to the acquisition. Such release of prescription records shall be allowed only to the extent authorized by ยง 32.1-127.1:03 of the Code of Virginia.

C. The proposed location or structural changes shall be inspected by an authorized agent of the board prior to issuance of a permit.

1. Pharmacy permit applications which that indicate a requested inspection date, or requests which that are received after the application is filed, shall be honored provided a 14-day notice is allowed prior to the requested inspection date.

2. Requested inspection dates which that do not allow a 14-day notice to the board may be adjusted by the board to provide 14 days for the scheduling of the inspection.

3. At the time of the inspection, the dispensing area shall comply with 18VAC110-20-150, 18VAC110-20-160, 18VAC110-20-170, 18VAC110-20-180, and 18VAC110-20-190.

4. If an applicant substantially fails to meet the requirements for issuance of a permit and a reinspection is required, or if the applicant is not ready for the inspection on the established date and fails to notify the inspector or the board at least 24 hours prior to the inspection, the applicant shall pay a reinspection fee as specified in 18VAC110-20-20 prior to a reinspection being conducted.

D. Drugs shall not be stocked within the proposed pharmacy or moved to a new location until approval is granted by the inspector or board staff.

E. Once the permit is issued, prescription drugs may not be stocked earlier than two weeks prior to the designated opening date. Once prescription drugs have been placed in the pharmacy, a pharmacist shall be present on a daily basis to ensure the safety and integrity of the drugs. If there is a change in the designated opening date, the pharmacy shall notify the board office, and a pharmacist shall continue to be on site on a daily basis.

F. Once a permit has been issued, the pharmacy shall be fully operational within 90 days of issuance. For good cause shown, such as circumstances beyond the control of the permit holder, the board may grant an extension.