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To Amend Regulations Pertaining to Harness Racing
Stage: Final

11VAC10-150-190. Qualifying races.

A. No Standardbred may be raced unless it has a race at the chosen gait, with a charted line in qualifying time, within 30 days of its last race; however, this may be extended to 45 days for a particular race or race meet with the approval of the stewards.

B. If a Standardbred does not have a charted line within 30 days (or 45 days if approved by the stewards in accordance with subsection A of this section) of its race, then the horse must race in a qualifying race under the supervision of the stewards to determine its fitness for racing.

C. The following provisions shall apply to qualifying races:

1. The licensee shall provide appropriate personnel for qualifying races to keep a charted line for each Standardbred in each qualifying race, an electronic timing device shall be in operation, and a photo-finish camera shall be in operation;

2. The licensee shall schedule as many qualifying races on as many days as is deemed appropriate for the horse supply, and the licensee shall maintain the racing surface in condition so that all Standardbreds have a reasonable opportunity to meet the qualifying time;

3. A Standardbred must race in a qualifying race if it has one race over a fast track that is not in the qualifying time as agreed upon by the licensee and the representative of the horsemen or on gait;

4. A Standardbred coming off the Veterinarian's List must race in a qualifying race, and the stewards, in their discretion, may require the horse to race in one or more qualifying races to establish its fitness for racing; and

5. The stewards, in their discretion, may authorize the collection of blood, urine or other samples of body substances from Standardbreds after competing in qualifying races.