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Department of Historic Resources
Department of Historic Resources
Public Participation Guidelines [17 VAC 10 ‑ 11]
25 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
6928 Easement Amendment Application Form 5/1/2020 
4630 Historic Preservation Easement Program Policies (1 through 12) 12/21/2021 
4642 Virginia Battlefield Preservation Fund Guidelines for Applications, Prioritization and Award of Grants 12/21/2021 
4643 Virginia Battlefield Preservation Fund Grants Application Form 12/21/2021 
5684 Easement Program Information Packet 12/21/2021 
6469 Easement Application Form 12/21/2021 
6470 Historic Preservation Easement Program Administrative Fees Billing Statement 12/21/2021 
BOARD: Department of Historic Resources
4631 DHR State Collections Management Standards 12/11/2019 
4637 Application for Archaeological Investigation on State Lands 7/1/1998 
4638 Cell Tower Review Submission Guidelines 7/1/2010 
4639 Guidelines for Assessing Visual Effects on Historic Properties 6/30/2010 
4640 Guidelines for Assessing Impacts of Proposed Electric Transmission Lines and Associated Facilities on Historic Resources in the Commonwealth of Virginia 1/8/2010 
4641 How to Apply for Designation as a Certified Local Government in Virginia 12/28/2015 
6465 VDHR Certified Local Government Grants Manual 12/17/2020 
6466 Certified Local Government Subgrant Application Form FY2018-2019 12/20/2018 
6471 Historical African American Cemetery and Graves Fund Program Manual 12/17/2020 
6472 Historical African American Cemetery and Graves Fund Application Form 12/17/2020 
6473 Cemetery Fund Acknowledgement of Reporting Requirements 12/21/2018 
6474 Cemetery Fund Maintenance Agreement 12/17/2020 
6737 State Funds for Historic Preservation Grant Application 12/11/2019 
6738 State Funds for Historic Preservation Grant Agreement 12/11/2019 
4593 Virginia's Historical Registers: A Guide for Property Owners * 12/6/2017 
4632 Guidelines for Conducting Historic Resources Survey in Virginia 9/1/2017 
4634 Citizen Cemetery Recordation Form 3/25/2011 
4635 Eligible and Ineligible Expenses in Tax Credit Project 4/1/2017 

* Document applies to this chapter specifically. Other documents listed apply to the parent board or agency.