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Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
27 guidance documents relevant to this agency for the criteria specified
Documents applying to multiple boards may be listed under each board.

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
CSB MH-1 Discharge Protocols for Community Services Boards and State Mental Health Facilities 11/15/2018 
CSB MH-2 Discharge Assistance Program Manual 11/30/2018 
DD 1 2018 Person-Centered ISP Guidance 6/15/2018 
FOR 1 Guidelines for the Management of Individuals Found Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity 5/28/2003 
FOR 2 List of Standardized Measures of Intellectual Functioning 11/1/2016 
FOR 3 Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity: Reference Manual for CSBs/BHAs 1/15/2017 
FOR 4 Adult Outpatient Competency Restoration Manual for CSBs/BHAs 1/15/2017 
HR 1 Office of Human Rights, Protocols, Procedures and Practices Manual 1/30/2018 
LIC 2 Licensing Intensive In-Home Guidance 3/1/2011 
LIC 5 Human Services and Related Fields Approved Degrees/Experience 5/3/2013 
LIC 6 Guidance for Selected Licensing Regulations 11/25/2014 
LIC 8 Fall Risk Assessments (-720.B.) 6/5/2017 
LIC 9 Nutrition Guidelines and Form (-600) 6/5/2017 
LIC10 Guidance on Ceiling Height Requirements 6/8/2017 
LIC12 Guidance for Certificate of Use and Occupancy 6/9/2017 
LIC14 Office of Licensing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 6/28/2017 
LIC15-OL Guidance for Counseling in Medication Assisted/Opioid Treatment (MAT/OTP) Services 3/1/2018 
LIC16 Guidance for Quality Improvement Plan 11/29/2018 
LIC17 Guidance for Serious Incident Reporting 11/29/2018 
MH 1 Mandatory Outpatient Treatment Guidance 8/15/2012 
MH 1a Mandatory Outpatient Treatment Guidance 12/30/2016 
MH 2 Medical Screening and Assessment Guidance 4/1/2014 
Part C 5 Child Indicators Booklet 12/20/2018 
Part C 8 Supporting Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their Families 1/31/2012 
Part C 9 Early Intervention Practice Manual 12/28/2018 
Part C10 Transition from Part C to Part B Questions and Answers 12/28/2018 
Plan 1 Comprehensive State Plan 2016-2022 12/1/2016