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Department of Housing and Community Development
21 guidance documents relevant to this agency for the criteria specified
Documents applying to multiple boards may be listed under each board.

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
5890 Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation Program Manual 10/1/2018 
5892 Vibrant Community Initiative 10/1/2017 
6086 Virginia Telecommunications Initiative Program Guidelines and Criteria 6/25/2022  Changes Being Made
7037 Utility Leverage Program – Unserved Certification Guidelines 3/4/2023 
7111 Virginia Small Business Resiliency Fund: Program Guidelines and Instruction Manual 11/25/2021 
7119 Virginia Broadband Availability Map Internet Service Provider Service Territory Data Submission Guidelines 12/24/2022 
BOARD: Board of Housing and Community Development
5884 Job Creation Grant Instruction Manual 3/16/2023 
5885 Real Property Investment Grant Instruction Manual 3/16/2023 
5886 CPA Agreed-Upon Procedures Instruction Manual 3/16/2023 
5887 Local Zone Administrator’s Management Manual 1/25/2020 
5902 Continuing Education Policy Applicable to BHCD Certified Code Enforcement Personnel 10/1/2012 
5903 Affordable and Special Needs Housing - Consolidated Application Program Guidelines 1/9/2021 
5906 Virginia Homeless and Special Needs Housing Funding Guidelines 4/2/2022 
BOARD: Commission On Local Government
CLG - ANNEX Commission on Local Government: Municipal Annexation 12/6/2017 
CLG - ANNEX AGR Commission on Local Government: Agreements Defining Annexation Rights 12/6/2017 
CLG - ANNUL Commission on Local Government: Annulment of Town Charter 12/6/2017 
CLG - BOUND ADJ AGR Commission on Local Government: Boundary Adjustments By Agreement 12/6/2017 
CLG - CITY REVERS Commission on Local Government: Reversion from City to Town Status 12/6/2017 
CLG - CONSOLIDATION Commission on Local Government: Consolidation of Two or More Units of Local Government 12/6/2017 
CLG - TOWN INC Commission on Local Government: Town Incorporation 12/6/2017 
CLG - VSA Commission on Local Government: Voluntary Settlement Agreements 12/6/2017