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Regulations for Enforcement of the Noxious Weeds Law [2 VAC 5 ‑ 317]
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Amend noxious weed list
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CLOSED     Opened on 10/9/2023 and Ended on 12/8/2023

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Comment Title Commenter
More species should be on the list Ann Raridon  12/8/23  11:59 pm
Amend today, save tomorrow’s forests! Ashley Moulton - Capital Region Land Conservancy  12/8/23  11:58 pm
Miscanthus, maybe the most menacing invasive in SWVA Joe Gorman, volunteer with Friends of the Cedars  12/8/23  11:45 pm
Please approve list and add to it Valerie Neitzey  12/8/23  11:34 pm
Akebia quinata Zoe  12/8/23  11:14 pm
Add English ivy and sweet autumn clematis! Anonymous (220855)  12/8/23  11:12 pm
Must adds Thompson's Tree Quest  12/8/23  11:07 pm
This is so important! Anonymous (220853)  12/8/23  11:01 pm
Approve and expand the invasive list Travis  12/8/23  10:42 pm
Absolutely support this. Add Asian Wisteria and bamboo please! Marie Robertson  12/8/23  10:40 pm
Add to noxious weed list Anonymous (220850)  12/8/23  10:28 pm
Agree with the noxious weed list. Casey Stillman  12/8/23  10:03 pm
Support for additions to noxious weed list Dana Wright  12/8/23  9:54 pm
I support! Lauren wilson  12/8/23  9:49 pm
Invasive species list additions Matthew Kowalski  12/8/23  9:45 pm
Updates needed to address threat of invasive plants Alys Jarvela  12/8/23  9:44 pm
Japanese knotweed / Asiatic bittersweet Charles Peters  12/8/23  9:40 pm
Please adopt and expand this list Lindsey Harubin  12/8/23  9:28 pm
So many invasives Anonymous (220841)  12/8/23  9:21 pm
Please expand the noxious weed list Sharon Burnham/GardenVitals LLC  12/8/23  8:56 pm
Full Support for Additions Charles Forsman  12/8/23  8:29 pm
Expand this list now or lose our entire ecosystem Adrian Willing - Bee American, Plant Native LLC  12/8/23  8:25 pm
Please expand the list to Japanese stilt grass and more Avril Garland  12/8/23  8:15 pm
Oplismenus undulatifolius Margaret Chatham VNPS, TNC volunteer  12/8/23  7:55 pm
Strongly support Anonymous (220835)  12/8/23  7:51 pm
Great step but keep expanding! Annie Choi  12/8/23  7:25 pm
Noxious plants Elizabeth K Williams, MD  12/8/23  7:13 pm
Please adopt and expand this list Scott Cave  12/8/23  6:57 pm
In support Kathleen O'Shea  12/8/23  6:56 pm
Noxious plant list Nancy Davis  12/8/23  6:44 pm
Localities and landowners don't have enough resources to combat invasives Carol Davis  12/8/23  6:21 pm
noxious weeds Drew Matthew Chaney  12/8/23  6:16 pm
Invasive plants Drew Matthew Chaney  12/8/23  6:14 pm
Support noxious weeds action Maureen O’Donnell  12/8/23  6:07 pm
Please add English Ivy Molly Weaver  12/8/23  5:43 pm
Add to the noxious week list Cathryn Robbins  12/8/23  4:36 pm
adding 12 plants to the Virginia Noxious Weed List Town Hall Donna Murhy Virginia Native Plant Society  12/8/23  4:29 pm
Addition to noxious weeds list Sharon M Vest  12/8/23  4:00 pm
I support the proposal Nora Callahan  12/8/23  3:56 pm
Two more worth considering Kandace M. Sherrill  12/8/23  3:37 pm
Agree with others, please list stiltgrass Eric Peterson  12/8/23  3:08 pm
additional invasive species Annette Willlis, Walden Mountain Timber Farm  12/8/23  3:00 pm
Counterbalance perspective Ben Adams  12/8/23  2:58 pm
Support of additions to the noxious weed list Judy Dority  12/8/23  2:38 pm
Agree -- add English Ivy, Chinese Privet Carli Winter  12/8/23  2:31 pm
Please regulate. Mariah  12/8/23  2:30 pm
Noxious weed list Erin Waldmann  12/8/23  2:19 pm
The list is missing several species widely considered noxious Danielle Bisson  12/8/23  2:19 pm
Support of the Listing of these Invasive Plants as Noxious Weeds Nancy Vehrs, President, Virginia Native Plant Society  12/8/23  2:09 pm
I can't believe kudzu wasn't already on the list! Jody Hall  12/8/23  1:51 pm
Imperative additions to noxious weed list Jeanette Martin  12/8/23  1:33 pm
YES, please add these invasives to the Noxious Weeds List Lauren Taylor  12/8/23  1:14 pm
I approve this regulatory action with caveat Jacob Lee, Virginia Tech  12/8/23  12:58 pm
noxious plants to be added to the list Richard Shryock  12/8/23  12:53 pm
We need to stop nurseries from selling English Ivy, Barberry, etc! Trudy McDaniel  12/8/23  12:48 pm
Please adopt this needed update sarah parmelee  12/8/23  11:38 am
Yes- and more! English Ivy! Elise Neuscheler  12/8/23  11:28 am
Invasive species Anonymous (220774)  12/8/23  11:09 am
Kudzu contributes to increase of pollutant surface ozone Sadiyah Faruk  12/8/23  10:23 am
Agree, please expand the list william lattea  12/8/23  10:21 am
Noxious Weeds List Christina Verderosa  12/8/23  10:09 am
Yes, and then some Anonymous (220762)  12/8/23  9:57 am
Invasive trees Thompson's Tree Quest  12/8/23  9:31 am
Strongly Agree with Action and with Other Comments Luke Peters  12/8/23  9:17 am
Add English ivy Elizabeth Malavathu  12/8/23  9:11 am
These are good additions; please expand the list Ivy Main  12/8/23  8:48 am
Add English ivy Sarah McLellan  12/8/23  7:51 am
Agree with Ross! George Neighbors  12/8/23  7:44 am
Add English Ivy Vincent R.  12/8/23  7:40 am
Please add English Ivy Mihir B  12/8/23  7:15 am
Noxious weed addition Connie Motley  12/8/23  6:34 am
Agree, NEED to add English Ivy Jackson Martingayle, University of Virginia School of Law  12/8/23  3:29 am
Invasive plants Judith Brown  12/7/23  10:16 pm
Agree with the list Patricia Wilson  12/7/23  9:54 pm
Agree with proposed additions to noxious weeds list Natalie Auer  12/7/23  9:38 pm
Agree with this Noxious Plant Listing John Wilson  12/7/23  9:25 pm
Additions to this list Edward Long, Virginia Commonwealth University  12/7/23  7:22 pm
Noxious weed classification Michael Gebhardt  12/7/23  5:51 pm
Agree with adding to the noxious weed list Rogard Ross  11/11/23  12:06 pm

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