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Resident license
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CLOSED     Opened on 9/14/2020 and Ended on 11/13/2020

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The need for Residents in Counseling to count telehealth hours toward licensure. Andrew Leonard, LCSW  11/13/20  4:58 pm
Telephone contact is therapeutic Kristy Walker  11/13/20  4:54 pm
Essential workers must be acknowledged in all modalities. M Phillips, PhD  11/13/20  4:35 pm
Pass Emergency Regulations Jordan Frijas  11/8/20  9:45 pm
Audio Hours Dillon Woods  11/1/20  1:28 pm
audio services Jodie Burton, DPCS  10/29/20  9:53 am
Audio Hours Dr. Melanie Burgess  10/26/20  6:09 pm
Audio residency hours Andrea  10/26/20  5:08 pm
Audio residency hours Dr. Stacey Fernandes  10/26/20  3:38 pm
Audio Danyell Collins-Facteau  10/26/20  2:35 pm
We didn't shut down. Kathryn Anderson  10/26/20  1:46 pm
audio services Sandy Irby, Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services  10/23/20  1:06 pm
Audio Bob Horne  10/21/20  10:21 am

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